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Incredipet Small Tie Out Cable

Small Tie-Out Cable

This 12 ft. tie-out provides secure containment outdoors for dogs in the absence of a fenced-in yard. Great for camping too. Allows dogs to be out in the yard for potty training, without the risk of escaping or getting into trouble. Easy to use by clipping one of the metal swivel clips to your dog’s collar, and the other to a stake (not included). DO NOT USE WITH PLASTIC BUCKLE DOG COLLARS.


Step 1: Select a site that is level and free of all obstructions.

Step 2: Attach one snap hook to the containment device. Use with an Incredipet Stake, or attach to a stationary object.

Step 3: Attach the other snap hook to the D-ring on your dog’s collar or harness.

Limitations and warnings:

This product is designed for use as a temporary restraint for dogs. DO NOT use this product for any use other than a temporary dog restraint. DO NOT use this product if your dog weighs more than the dog weight limit shown on this package. This product is attended for temporary tethering only. DO NOT leave the pet unattended while connected to this tether. To prevent injury to the pet, DO NOT tether your dog near any obstacle in or on which the dog can become entangled or suspended. DO NOT allow this product to become kinked, tied in a knot, or wrapped around the pet. DO NOT leave your pet connected to this product during inclement weather including excessive heat or cold. DO NOT use this product with dogs prone to aggressive behavior. Not all dogs can be tethered. Use good judgment and know your pet. NEVER USE this product to walk a dog. Use a leash instead. DO NOT use this product with a choker-type collar. NEVER use for overhead lifting or hoisting. Replace this product after one year of use or when visible signs of wear are evident including broken cable strands, rust, worn plastic cable covering, etc.

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